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Mike LePond na scenie podczas koncertu

Mike LePond (Symphony X, Affector, solo) - interview

Mike LePond is a member of the Progressive Metal ensemble Symphony X since the late '90s - their most recent effort Underworld saw the light of day in July 2015. To promote the album, the group will play also in Poland in March 2016. However, the band activity is just one of many in LePond's schedule. A year ago he released his first solo album. What does future hold in store for the ambitious bassist - will it be another solo album? Will Silent Assasins remain a one-off side project only, or perhaps it is more of a regular band now? What are the inspirations behind the aforesaid album? And what are Mike's expectations as far as Symphony X's upcoming gig in Warsaw is concerned? It's time we found out the answers to those questions!


The Vintage Caravan (photo source: Nuclear Blast)

The Vintage Caravan - interview

"So far we've seen a gas station and the road toll spots..." That's what the musicians from The Vintage Caravan say when asked about their initial impression of Poland. It's the early evening on November the 3rd and I'm sitting with these three guys backstage in Progresja Music Zone club in Warsaw. In about three hours from now, the Icelandic power trio of Óskar Logi (vocals, guitar), Alexander Örn (bass guitar) and Stefán Ari (drums) will rock the house, supporting Europe on what is going to be their very last performance of the War Of Kings Tour... Although the group's soundcheck is already finished, there's no rest for the trio as they're going to be interrogated exclusively for Hard Rock Service. We're on to discuss the band's recent experience of touring with Europe, their third album Arrival, the Icelandic music scene and their future plans.


Joel Hoekstra

Joel Hoekstra (Whitesnake, solo) - interview

Although many Melodic Rock fans associate him primarily with his tenure in Night Ranger and now Whitesnake, Joel Hoekstra is a seasoned musician with many recordings and interesting collaborations under his belt. 2015 brought him the first Whitesnake album he ever participated on - The Purple Album built around Deep Purple MK III and IV songs re-recorded by the current 'Snake line-up. However, the last months were also fruitful as far as Joel's solo career is concerned. His side project Joel Hoekstra's 13 developed with certain super-group quality to it. Their album Dying To Live - the fourth in Joel's solo discography - sees the light of day in mid-October. Hard Rock Service caught up with the busy musician between the two legs of Whitesnake's The Purple Tour to discuss the album as well as the big names Joel Hoekstra's 13 comprises. However, we couldn't have possibly skipped the topic of playing alongside the mighty David Coverdale or Joel's future plans as well...



Stefan Jonsson (Gormathon) - interview

Gormathon is one of the most interesting new metal bands that emerged from Sweden in recent years. Melodic and powerful songs included on Gormathon's newest album Following The Beast show their great potential and vast musical inspirations. We talked with the band's guitar player Stefan Jonsson about his favourite albums, music television, ups and downs of musical business and future plans.


The Order Of Israfel

Tom Sutton (The Order Of Israfel) - interview

Released in 2014, The Order Of Israfel's debut turned out to be one of the most intriguing Doom Metal albums in recent years. We talked with Tom Sutton, band's singer and songwriter, about the follow-up to mentioned Wisdom, his musical inspirations, relations within the band and the long way that lead him from Japan to Gothenbourg.